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A view of Cape Cod Bay from Plimoth Plantation on a rainy day.

Of Plimoth Plantation: An Educational Journey With Dayspring Christian Academy

July 25, 2017

If are considering Dayspring Christian Academy, or if you are a Dayspring Parent and you’ve never been on this field study with your child, or maybe you’ve never heard of Dayspring…it doesn’t matter… I’m writing this blog for you. I first journeyed to Plymouth in May of 2014. It was our family’s first year at […]

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Dayspring Families Make Day-Trip Recommendations

July 18, 2017
Posted in: General News

If your summer is slowing and children are getting restless, Dayspring families step in to share some of their favorite day trips that are sure to bring good family times. All ideas are within a 2.5 to 3-hour drive from Lancaster, PA making them suitable for day-trips. So grab your kiddos, get out of the […]

What is American Exceptionalism? Why is America so special?

What Makes America Exceptional?

June 28, 2017
Posted in: Remember America

Today is a day of commemoration. All across America, people from all walks of life are gathering to celebrate the birthday of our nation. To commemorate is to call to remembrance by a solemn act; to celebrate with honor and solemnity; to honor, as a person or event, by some act of respect or affection, […]