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How To Teach Your Child To Be Organized

October 16, 2017
Posted in: General News

Noah Webster informs us that organization is “the act of forming or arranging the parts … in a suitable manner for use or service.” While the skill of being organized is close to and has some overlaps with teaching responsibility, ultimately, parents model organization, or lack thereof, whether they intend to or not! I’ve checked […]

3 Things That Could Not Have Evolved and Why

October 3, 2017
Posted in: Academics

At Dayspring Christian Academy, as students are being taught to think biblically, they are challenged to look at secular philosophies and to research and discern problems with this worldly thinking. In the area of science, this often manifests itself in the critical analysis of evolutionary ideas. While there are many examples that students learn about, […]

Credit: FOMC SM Team Fort McHenry aerial photo

The History of Our National Anthem

September 28, 2017
Posted in: General News

As flames leapt out of the Capitol Building and the White House, the night sky glowed red as the American people fled Washington. The British were attacking American seaports and the mainland relentlessly, steadily moving toward Baltimore. Emboldened by victory, British Admiral Cochrane informed James Monroe, America’s Secretary of State, that the British Navy had […]