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Sowing and Reaping: A Dayspring Graduate’s Testimony

March 12, 2018

My journey at Dayspring began when I was in first grade. My first day was filled with a lot of tears, but by the end of the week I felt the compassion of my teachers and was excitedly raising my hand trying to answer every question asked. I never looked back after that first week […]

Why Is A Biblical Worldview Important?

March 5, 2018

An Oration by Joseph Engle Joseph was in ninth grade when he wrote this oration in the spring of 2017. Our worldview is very influential in the decisions we make. However, many people do not know what a worldview is. According to Derek Melleby, author of Make College Count states, “[A worldview] is simply the sum total of our […]

The Battle is Raging for the Hearts of Our Children

February 13, 2018

Picture a warrior. Strong, beefy, armor-clad. A sturdy, focused, elite man’s man, who is born to make quick work of his enemy with grit and skill. He is scarred and confident, trained to the core, prepared for battle. A true warrior who possesses courage and cunning and an intimate knowledge of his enemy. He is […]

2018 Towne Meeting

February 7, 2018
Posted in: Podcasts

Our annual Towne Meeting took place on February 6 at 7 pm. In this podcast, you will hear about some wonderful activities and programs that are happening this school year as well as new programs that will enhance the school experience in 2018-2019. You will get an update on our strategic plan and more. Some […]

Sending Christian Children to Public Schools: What the Results Show

January 23, 2018
Posted in: Academics

More than 70 percent of Americans consider themselves to be Christians. Of those, some surveys show up to 90 percent send their children to public schools. Does that affect the faith, worldview, and future church participation of these children? This article looks at the evolution of education in America—its original intent through its reformation into […]

Remember America Lecture Series 2017 – Pilgrim Principles of Self-Government

January 10, 2018

Download this Podcast Dayspring Christian Academy teacher, Mary Stauffer, continues our first Remember America Lecture Series with a lesson on the Pilgrims and the Principle of Self-Government.