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Dayspring Christian Academy senior shares oration at Remember America Speaker Series

The Oration: Speaking to Persuade

October 11, 2016
Posted in: Academics

Reading Time: 4 minutes   One of the distinctive attributes of Dayspring Christian Academy is the annual writing and presenting of the oration. The oration is a two-step process, the writing phase, and the public speaking phase. Webster defines an oratory this way: The art of speaking well, or of speaking according to the rules of rhetoric, in order […]

Christopher Columbus: Christ-bearer or Culture-crusher?

October 7, 2016

Reading Time: 5 minutes This month marks 526 years since Columbus discovered the Americas. So momentous was his serendipity, that some scholars mark the end of the Middle Ages at A.D. 1492. With the coming of Columbus to the West, the Modern Era essentially began. Truly, the world has changed dramatically over the past half-millennium, some for the good, […]

The Notebook Method

September 28, 2016
Posted in: Academics

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Consider this familiar scenario. The start of the school year is just behind us. The list of supplies again called for a high stack of 3-ring binders (notebooks) and tabs to organize each of them. If you are new to Dayspring, or even if you aren’t, you might sigh, shake your head, and wonder, […]