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Substitute Coordinator Judy Sykes
Judy Sykes

Meet the Teacher: Judy Sykes

September 26, 2016
Posted in: Meet The Teacher
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What is your name? I am Judy Sykes.

What do you teach? I am available to teach across the board as a substitute teacher!

How many years have you taught at Dayspring? I started in the fall of 1990, but retired from 4th grade in the spring of 2013. Since then I have continued to serve at Dayspring as the Substitute Coordinator! After all when one retires they take up their hobby. My favorite “hobby” is being at Dayspring!

What do you appreciate the most about the Principle Approach? The Principle Approach has taught me to look at all subjects from the Word of God. I want to believe I have become stronger in my faith because of looking for God’s perspective in subjects, activities and interactions with others.

What do you see in your students that is most encouraging? I am encouraged when students recognize that the work they put into learning pays off, harder is better!

Why do you love teaching at Dayspring? Dayspring is a school filled with like-minded Christians who are helping each other walk the talk and work with individual students to bring out their best.

How do you teach a biblical worldview in your classroom? The Bible is the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Teaching from God’s Word teaches a Biblical Worldview.

What do you think most students appreciate about your class? I think students like structure and boundaries, with room to fail, in order to become better scholars. They also like to have some humor and variety of teaching styles to subjects.

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the classroom? I am not unique in being a Christian, but I believe that “The joy of the Lord is my strength!” Neh. 8:10 Therefore if it brings joy, I’m in!!

What have you seen in your students over the years that has touched your heart the most? I am most touched by students who catch on, whether it is right away or finally! It means that I got through with an idea or skill!

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