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2018 Christmas Gift List

November 30, 2018
Posted in: General News

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? The staff and faculty of Dayspring Christian Academy have collaborated to compile this list just for you! We’ve included 5 types of gifts: books, family time, music, practical items, and STEM toys! Books: 1.) Books that reinforce a biblical worldview are great gifts!  Answers in Genesis has numerous […]

Truth and Love: The Dynamic Duo

November 27, 2018
Posted in: Remember America

We live in a time when, once again, truth has come under heavy assault. Some may even say it is already a casualty in the cosmic battle for human souls. Whether we are talking about distortion and manipulation of the truth or the outright questioning of its very existence, we can with confidence commiserate with […]

Meet the Teacher: David Landon

November 27, 2018
Posted in: Meet The Teacher

What is your name? David Landon What do you teach? 8th Grade Civics and PA History, 9th Grade Rudiments of America’s Christian History, 10th Grade World History, Honors World History, and 12th grade Church History. How many years have you taught at Dayspring? The 2018-2019 school year is my second year at Dayspring. What do […]


The True Pilgrim Story Shared In Russia

November 14, 2018

Dayspring parents and now Dayspring grandparents, Bruce and Nancy Prestidge, share the story of how they took the true Pilgrim story, learned at Dayspring Christian Academy, across the sea to Russia. In 1989, God began to impress on my husband Bruce’s heart, and mine, to pray for Russia. We never expected to go to Russia. […]

My Favorite Holiday: The Thanksgiving Exposed Story

November 6, 2018
Posted in: General News

My favorite holiday…is Thanksgiving. And here’s why. In the late 90’s, after a cross-country move, we found a school/home at Dayspring Christian Academy. We saw that the children could grow up as part of a school family and they would be loved, as well as taught. After a couple years, I joined the going-to-school ranks, […]

Curbing Entitlement

October 19, 2018

Facebook is fond of posting nostalgic flashbacks from my generation. Low res pics of kids on bikes with banana seats and sissy bars (look it up) are profiled along with reminiscences of helmetless bike rides, seatbeltless car trips, drinking from water hoses, and playing until the street lights came on. I resonate with those posts […]