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Unity Comes As One Nation Under God

October 4, 2018
Posted in: Remember America

Reading Time: 3 minutes The history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies. These words are not our words. These words are written in the annals of history by a united Senate and House of Representatives. These words were presented in 1982 to […]

The Purpose of Work

September 25, 2018
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dayspring Christian Academy had the honor of hosting Stephen McDowell, co-author of America’s Providential History in a recent upper school chapel. McDowell is executive director of the Providence Foundation and has taught around the world on the subject of the deep connection between faith and liberty. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Principle […]

Is there a Christian form of government?

September 12, 2018
Posted in: General News

Reading Time: 10 minutes Is there a Christian form of government? Does the Bible speak to the issue of government? The answer to these questions is “Yes.” However, to answer these questions in the affirmative requires more than just a simple “yes.” The issue is certainly debatable, so the determination of whether or not these questions can be answered […]

What is a Principle Approach School?

August 7, 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Dayspring Christian Academy, like many private Christian schools, ascribes to a Classical Christian form of education. Classical: adj. 1. Relating to ancient Greek and Roman authors of the first rank or estimation, which, in modern times, have been and still are studied as the best models of fine writing… 2. Pertaining to writers of […]

Lessons from the Past: Praying for Unity in Our Nation

July 20, 2018
Posted in: General News

Reading Time: 5 minutes Division in America today is sadly in plain sight. As a remedy, we can look to our forefathers and their example as they sought unity when our fledgling country came together to pray—243 years ago today—on Continental Fast Day July 20, 1775. It may serve us well, individually and collectively, to assume their humble posture […]

How churches and Christian Schools can work together.

Churches and Christian Schools: They Can and Should Work Together

June 29, 2018
Posted in: General News

Reading Time: 13 minutes Dayspring Christian Academy’s Upper School Principal, Dan Stone, received his master’s degree in May of 2017. The following is an excerpt from his Master’s Thesis titled: The Role of the 21st Century Evangelical Church in the 21st Century Christian School. The idea that the state or government should be responsible for the education of youth, […]