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Dayspring Christian Academy believes Christian education is vital to creating healthy children, families, communities, and a healthy nation. We want to make a Dayspring education affordable for families who desire to send their children to our school. More than 40% of Dayspring families receive financial aid. Please apply for financial aid in conjunction with your application.

For information on how to apply for Financial Aid, contact John Riddell, Director of Finance, at

Dayspring Christian Academy’s comprehensive tuition includes payment for our extensive student field studies. All hotel, transportation, and admission fees are included in tuition.

Our students travel to the following destinations for overnight field studies:

1. Plymouth, MA (3rd-grade History study)

2. The Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey location (5th-grade Science study)

3. Gettysburg, PA (6th-grade History study)

4. Pittsburgh, PA, and Kentucky (Carnegie Museum, Creation Museum, Ark Encounter,  for 7th-grade Science study)

5. Boston and Plymouth, MA (9th-grade History study)

6. Washington, D.C. (10th-grade History/Worldview study)

7. New York City (11th-grade History study)

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