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Lower School

Lower School children explore the building blocks of education: math, reading, science, great works of literature, grammar, history, geography, and even the discipline of penmanship.

Unlike elementary schools in the Lancaster area, Dayspring Christian Academy’s Lower School teachers educate with the whole child in mind. As opposed to preparing elementary-aged students to simply improve their test-taking abilities, Dayspring teaches students how to reason through the content that is presented to them to reach a logical, biblical conclusion and application.

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Lower School Highlights
  • Students begin Spanish in first grade and Latin in fourth.
  • In-depth field studies are taken at every grade level, including a four-day study in Plymouth, MA, for third-grade students. Fifth grade experiences a two-day study of ocean life in New Jersey.
  • Public speaking is an important focus of our curriculum, so students participate in speech meet in Developmental Kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • To develop the ability to research, write, and defend their work, students begin writing orations in second grade and presenting in third grade.
  • STEM Director Mary Stauffer teaches robotics and computer coding using robots to students in grades K-5. These same classes will also use the Engineering is Elementary program to teach students to solve engineering challenges like designing a container to safely ship live plants to a store, clean up an oil spill and assess the environmental impact, and design a production line to make potato chips.
  • They learn history through Ephesians 1:9-10 which concludes: “All human history is culminated in Christ.” We teach students that God is sovereign as He governs in the affairs of men and nations, because He sees the past, present, and future—He orchestrates events to accomplish His plan (that all men may know God the Father through Christ the Son.)
  • Each grade level focuses on a different point on the timeline of HIStory. It begins with Creation and includes the chain of Christianity moving westward. From Moses and the Law to Jesus Christ, from Paul to the Bible in English, from Columbus to the Pilgrims, from the Patriots to the Pioneers, and concludes with the restoration of America. Students are taught this to understand the truth of history and for Whom our nation was built.
  • Hybrid Learning is a system that rotates students through three learning stations within the math class to enable personalized learning. Students engage in the learning process through the use of direct instruction, which has a small group interacting directly with the teacher for more individualized teaching with each student. Another station includes collaborative activities, where students work in a group on real-world problems that relate to the material covered in class. The final station is independent learning, which takes place on a computer. It helps students to master each step in the problem and give immediate feedback to the teacher to let them know where each student may need further direction. The Hybrid Learning method enables students to have multiple ways of learning a lesson to enable mastery and to meet students varied learning styles.
  • Average class size is 20.

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Dayspring Christian Academy lower school students read classical literature.

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