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Lessons from the Past: Praying for Unity in Our Nation

July 20, 2018
Posted in: General News

Division in America today is sadly in plain sight. As a remedy, we can look to our forefathers and their example as they sought unity when our fledgling country came together to pray—243 years ago today—on Continental Fast Day July 20, 1775. It may serve us well, individually and collectively, to assume their humble posture […]

How churches and Christian Schools can work together.

Churches and Christian Schools: They Can and Should Work Together

June 29, 2018
Posted in: General News

Dayspring Christian Academy’s Upper School Principal, Dan Stone, received his master’s degree in May of 2017. The following is an excerpt from his Master’s Thesis titled: The Role of the 21st Century Evangelical Church in the 21st Century Christian School. The idea that the state or government should be responsible for the education of youth, […]

Help! My child does not like to read!

June 19, 2018

If you are perusing this blog, you have mastered the art and science of reading. Thinking back to the process, for some of us it was slow and steady learning; for some, it was painful and sometimes embarrassing; for some, it was an easy switch to figuring out the symbols as letters, then words and, […]

What the World Needs Now is Grace Sweet Grace

May 21, 2018

At Dayspring, we think it is important to ask questions. Students are taught to seek original and primary sources, ask the question “why?” and relentlessly pursue truth. The oration process is a hallmark of the Principle Approach. Each spring, students write a persuasive oration on a topic of their choosing and must present it in […]

Dayspring Graduate Studies Abroad

April 12, 2018
Posted in: Alumni

The idea of studying abroad always intrigued me, but I did not know exactly where I wanted to go. I considered Oxford and even Italy, but when I heard about LCC International University (LCC) I was immediately convinced that was where I should go. LCC is a small Christian college of about 600 students and […]

Dayspring Christian Academy Seniors travel to Israel as the culmination of their education.

The Final Classroom

March 26, 2018

Israel Is the Culmination of a Dayspring Education It’s hard to say how many other schools in America incorporate a visit to Israel as the culminating field study of their students’ education. Too, it would be one thing to set down in the Holy Land for a sight-seeing tour. It is another matter entirely to […]