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What Happened to the American Christian Pastor?

March 1, 2023
Posted in: Remember America

Reading Time: 19 minutes   Present-day Christianity…has lower standards for church membership than those getting on a bus. ~Harry R. Rudin (“Has the Church a Message of Salvation,” 1952) American Christians and American Pastors […]

The True Valentine

February 13, 2023
Posted in: General News

Reading Time: 4 minutes When one thinks of Valentine’s Day one may think of love, hearts, passing out notes and candies, etc, but Valentine’s Day has a deeper meaning that goes all the way […]

Calculus, Corners, and Salvation through Christ

January 18, 2023
Posted in: High School

Reading Time: 6 minutes   The author wishes to thank Class of 2024 members (pictured from left to right with the author in the center) Miracle Johnsons, Gabe Rabold, Alex Hussar, and Jayden Yon […]

Providential View of History: The Example of the Pilgrims

November 15, 2022

Reading Time: 7 minutes There are two ways to view history: through the secular lens or through the lens of God. The secular view of history holds the view that man is in control. […]

Why did the Pilgrims Come to America

Why Did the Pilgrims Come to America?

November 9, 2022
Posted in: Pilgrims

Reading Time: 7 minutes   In schools across America, the week of Thanksgiving often includes short lessons on a group of people referred to as the Pilgrims. For many, when the term Pilgrim is […]

Remember America Lecture Series Week Six: Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, and the Principle Approach in the 21st Century

October 20, 2022
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minutes In the last 20 years, identity politics and critical theory have come to the forefront in our society. What is critical race theory? Why is there such a focus on […]