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Fast Facts About Pre-K

✓ Who: Ages 4 and 5 (must be 4 by September 1st of the school year)

✓ When: 3-Day (Mon/Wed/Fri) and 5-Day Pre-K Programs are available; both are Full-Day Pre-K

✓ Location: Conveniently located just 1 minute from the Mountville exit of Route 30 in Lancaster County, PA

Dayspring’s private Full-Day Pre-K program in Lancaster County, PA uses The Principle Approach®, a biblical method of education that helped forge our nation.

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Early Childhood Education at Dayspring in Lancaster, PA

At Dayspring Christian Academy, we provide three levels of early childhood education:

  • Preschool: 2-Days/Week (mornings, for ages 3 & 4)
  • Pre-Kindergarten: 3 & 5-Day/Week Programs (full day, for ages 4 & 5)
  • Kindergarten: 3 & 5-Day/Week Programs (full day, for ages 5 & 6)

Pre-K is a 3-day all day program. An optional 2 additional enrichment days creates a full 5-day Pre-K program to parents who are seeking a full-time Pre-Kindergarten program.

Purpose of the Full-Day Pre-K Program

  • To fortify the love for God that is being taught at home.
  • To instill a love for the special gift of learning that God has given to each of us.
  • To assist parents in training their child in Christian manners and habits.
  • To begin the process of fitting the child for usefulness in his/her future.

Dayspring’s private Christian Pre-K program sows seeds of learning in each distinct subject. Children expand their God-given love of learning through The Principle Approach® method of education, which was used during the colonial and founding periods in America.

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General Information

  • After School: Programs available
  • Programs for gifted or students with special needs? Yes. Please check our Learning Services page for details.
  • School Security/Safety protocols, etc. Dayspring’s Pre-Kindergarten classroom is large, bright, welcoming, and friendly. Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that our families feel confident that their precious children are safe, loved and well-cared for.
  • Field Studies: Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (science, study of the seasons), Choo Choo Barn (science, study of travel/transportation), Tiny Town (community helpers unit), Lancaster County Park (study of habitats) or National Watch and Clock Museum (science), Oregon Dairy (Spring on the farm unit)
    Lancaster Science Factory (hands-on science exploration)
  • Tuition: $6,168 for 3-day Pre-Kindergarten
  • Financial Aid Info: Tuition Assistance is available. Call John Riddell at 717-285-2000 for details.



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Pre-K Curriculum & Program Options (3-Day & 5-Day)

This level is appropriate for the child who has turned 4 years old by September 1.

  • Children begin to learn the rudiments of the subjects like science, history, and geography.
  • They view God as the author of every subject with a purpose and plan for each in our modern world.
  • They begin to record their learning in their own hand.
  • They even begin to reason from the Bible in every subject area.

This intentional method of teaching and learning teaches students to think and reason, not just regurgitate facts.

Pre-K in Lancaster PA Play Session3-Day All Day Pre-K Program, Mon/Wed/Fri

The program is activity-oriented, while introducing the structure and rigors of a formal classroom setting.

As a first step into scholarship, the student notebook is introduced and students begin formal steps toward reading through the Sound Sensible® program. Seeds of scholarship are sown in every academic subject in an inspirational manner.

Highlights include:

  • Developing early math skills
  • Beginning phonemes and short vowel sounds (many students are reading by the end of the year)
  • Memorizing a Bible verse representing each letter of the alphabet
  • Exploring music, art, the environment around them to experience the wonder of creation
  • Experiencing a science unit on farm animals, with a trip to Long’s Park
  • A Classical literature focus on:
    • The life and works of Beatrix Potter
    • Mother Goose rhymes, including a character dress-up day
  • The use of art and drama to enhance studies in the rudiments of every subject, including the biblical foundation of each
  • Being introduced to technology, as it is brought directly into the classroom curriculum
  • Growing in physical education—we incorporate an action-based learning program that prepares the brain for input using challenge, feedback, and physical activity through stations
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Supplemental Kindergarten

The guide behind the IDEA! supplemental Kindergarten program encompasses the following attributes:


  • Community-style learning where children are able to share their ideas while also learning to listen to their neighbor.
  • Dedicated time where students can seek to apply biblical principles from direct Bible reading to their lives.
  • Planned brain breaks throughout the day to allow student to refresh their emotional and intellectual think tanks.


  • To expand the student’s knowledge in the areas of science and history and put into practice all they have learned through the use of STEM, collaborative group projects, history character studies, as well as other creative avenues.


  • Getting an opportunity to explore their God-given creative abilities through art, drama, and music.
  • Learning how to be good stewards of the world God has given us by exploring and learning about our National Parks as Jr. Rangers.


  • To allow students to capitalize on language, spelling, and math skills already learned and to further their individual abilities in these foundational skills.

The IDEA! program is a stand-alone program which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the school year. The program may be added to our 3-day prekindergarten or kindergarten programs to create a full-day, 5-day kindergarten program.

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Are programs available for gifted or students with special needs?
At Dayspring, we see each child as a unique individual, created by a loving Creator, and valued as such. It is because of this that Dayspring has created the P139 program, named for Psalm 139:14, and designed to teach students at all levels who require alternative or differentiated methods of instruction, so they may work to their potential.
What school safety/security measures are in place?
Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that our families feel confident that their precious children are safe, loved, and well-cared for. Pre-K classrooms are designed with the children’s wellbeing and safety in mind.
Are before and after school programs available to Pre-K students?
After-school programs are available to our Pre-K students.
Will my child use the same textbook as government schools or other Christian schools?
Students do use textbooks for skill oriented subjects, by and large, though, textbooks are used as resource tools. Students and teachers alike develop highly specialized notebooks that become the primary teaching-learning tools. This enhances the internalization of the material to be learned and creates a sense of ownership which increases long-term retention and application.
Why should I seek Christian education for my child?
The Bible clearly teaches that the responsibility of education belongs to parents, not the State. Proverbs states that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Only by teaching our children the Truth as seen in God’s Word, will we ensure that they can adequately meet the challenges of a secular world and affect that world dynamically for the cause of Christ.
Can I see the school and meet the Pre-K teachers?

Yes! Visiting Dayspring is a great way to get your questions answered, learn more about the school, meet the Pre-K teachers and faculty, and see how we can meet your child's individual educational needs.

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What pre-K programs are offered by Dayspring Christian Academy?
Dayspring offers 3 & 5-Day/Week Programs (full day, for ages 4 & 5)
Is there a Transition Period for my child? How do parents handle Separation Anxiety?
Some children may experience separation anxiety during their first days of school. We understand that most children need time to realize they are safe here at school. We show them they are safe by holding the little ones or sitting next to them as they get to know and feel more comfortable with their peers. We allow parents to walk children to class daily or as often as the parents want to do so. We use encouraging words as we help them to learn and remind them their parents will be back to get them at the end of the day. Typically, we see separation anxiety disappear in a few days. All the teachers are great at making the kids feel loved and safe at school.
What is the Student-to-Teacher Ratio?
Our Dayspring prekindergarten classrooms have an aide to assist the teacher. Teacher to student ratio is 9:1

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Private tours for you and your child are available. Additionally, middle and high school students are able to experience a day of school at Dayspring through our visitation program. Call Karol Hasting at 717-285-2000 or use the button below to register.

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