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A Principle-Approach K-12 Christian School in Lancaster County, PA


Enrollment Procedures
  1. An application for enrollment is to be completed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) of all pupils who want to attend Dayspring Christian Academy. Students applying for acceptance into the Upper School (grades 6-12) must complete a student application.
  2. Upon receipt of an application for enrollment, immunization records, and the appropriate registration fee, a personal interview will be held with both parents, single parent, or guardian(s) and the student(s) to be enrolled. The interview will be held by the Admissions Committee or Designee.
  3. Parents will be informed of tentative approval upon conclusion of the interview. Enrollment will be considered complete only when all of the requirements listed in Item 4 have been met. A formal letter from the Headmaster will confirm final enrollment status.
  4. When seeking admission to Dayspring Christian Academy, the following are required:
    • Enrollment Application
    • Registration Fee
    • Official documentation of all required immunizations or letter of exemption
    • Placement Test for all enrolling students (completed at the school)
    • School Readiness Test (first-time kindergarten only) or Grade-Level Placement Testing (grades 1-12)
    • Student Application (grades 6-12; provided as part of the online application)
    • Child’s most recent report card, standardized achievement tests, and any specialized testing (i.e., psychological and speech testing). Homeschoolers must provide most recent evaluation and achievement test scores.
  5. Only those families who have completely finished the enrollment process are eligible for tuition assistance. Upon complete enrollment (when all of Item 4 is completed), ask the Admissions Director for a form. Tuition assistance scholarships are based upon the availability of funds and need.
  6. When a family receives their acceptance letter from the Headmaster, they are enrolled into the school. Accepted families must be represented by one parent at the New Family Orientation.
Enrollment Requirements
  1. Spiritual
    • At least one parent or guardian and student(s) must attend a Bible-believing church. At least one parent or guardian must be born again (John 3:3). Additionally, students entering the high school must be born again. Exceptions to this policy will be made only by consent of the School Board and the Headmaster.
    • Parents and Upper School students shall express their agreement with the philosophy and policies of the school.
    • Parents who want to enroll their child(ren) at Dayspring Christian Academy shall express as their primary motive for doing so to be that of continuing the Christian training that has begun and is continuing at home.
    • The student shall exemplify by his attitudes and lifestyle that he is committed to be conformed to the image of Christ, to be obedient to God’s Word, and to exhibit a teachable spirit. Such behavior will be reflected in speech, respect for authority, reverence for the Lord, and in the fruit evident to believers around him.
  2. Academic
    • Students entering Academic Kindergarten shall be admitted after successful completion of the readiness exam and family acceptance into Dayspring. Determination of the kindergarten level will be made at that time.
    • Students in both the Lower and Upper Schools shall be placed in the appropriate grade level only after completion of the placement tests and the examination of the previous school’s records.
    • Students shall meet all course requirements as established by the curriculum guide.
  3. Age
    • A child must be 4 years old on or before September 1 to be enrolled in the Developmental Kindergarten for that year. A DK student must be potty-trained and able to communicate in English.
    • A child must be 5 years old on or before September 1 to be enrolled in the Academic Kindergarten for that year.
    • The age of an enrolling student shall be within 2 years of the typical age of his designated class.
    • Exceptions to the above will be made by the Headmaster only when readiness scores/academic records indicate the need.
  4. Placement
    • Grade placement decisions are made by the administration upon completion of testing and review of previous school records. Enrollment acceptance is made by the admissions committee.
    • Dayspring Christian Academy reserves the right to adjust and/or modify course selections and/or combinations of classes at each grade level based upon such factors as ability/achievement records and enrollment in a particular class/course.
  5. Parental
    • Attend the Welcome Back Family Orientation (or a make-up session.)
    • One parent of DK-3rd graders must attend the Literacy Program Orientation
    • Attend the fall Parent-Teacher Conference.
    • Participate actively in one fundraiser and sell at all fundraisers.
    • Attend the Towne Meeting.

Dayspring Christian Academy will not withhold admission or employment of any person because of race, color, or national origin.

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