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Thanksgiving Exposed

November 18, 2022

Drawn from primary sources, Thanksgiving Exposed takes guests first through a timeline that starts with Jesus Christ being the focal point for all of history. Then it steps through the Magna Carta, which increases liberty for the individual. Next, it reveals how the Bible was translated into English by John Wycliffe and ended up in the hands of the people thanks to the Guttenberg Press. It includes a replica of the Wittenberg Doors that guests will step through to move into the Reformation and on to Elizabeth I and James I when persecution began for reformers in England, setting the stage for the rise of the Separatists.

Guests then move through six stations that highlight God’s hand in establishing the Plymouth Colony in New England. It tells the Pilgrim story from their beginnings in Scrooby, England, through their escape to Holland, and their heroic voyage to the New World. Thanksgiving Exposed enables guests to witness how the seeds of Christian self-government were planted and later gave rise to the greatest republic the world has ever the known-the United States of America. Don’t miss this special event and celebrate Thanksgiving with your family as you learn our nation’s heritage.

Dayspring students volunteer at Thanksgiving Exposed to show the Pilgrims' story.

This annual event is FREE to our community but requires registration. This year, the event is only one night so register early! You will be able to select your walking tour start time. Registration is now open!

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Volunteers at Thanksgiving Exposed show the Pilgrim journey.

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Dayspring students participate in Thanksgiving Exposed skits.
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