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A Principle-Approach K-12 Christian School in Lancaster County, PA

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Many parents choose Christian education for their children with the goal of instilling strong principles and values in their children. Our goal is to build a student’s Christian character and sense of self-government, Christian scholarship, and biblical reasoning for lifelong discipleship.

To attend an open house event or schedule a personal tour of Dayspring, please register online or call Karol Hasting at 717-285-2000.

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Learn How To Apply for EITC/OSTC

Opportunities exist for businesses to receive tax credits through these programs and Dayspring is an approved EITC/OSTC scholarship organization and participating school.


Called the “best educational initiative passed in Pennsylvania in the past 15 years”, funds for the EITC program come from businesses that make contributions to non‐profit scholarship or educational improvement organizations. The program benefits both public and private schools in Pennsylvania, and actually saves the state money – if all 44,000 students receiving EITC scholarships would re‐enter the public school system, it would cost Pennsylvania taxpayers an additional $531.6 million per year.


The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) allows your business to redirect your business tax dollars to approved schools, like Dayspring Christian Academy. Your business’s redirected tax dollars are used to fund scholarship programs for students who live in areas served by the lowest achieving 15% of Pennsylvania’s public schools and who meet specific income criteria.

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