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Carolyn Reich is the P139 teacher
Carolyn Reich

Meet the Teacher: Carolyn Reich

March 20, 2016
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What is your name? Carolyn Reich

What do you teach? I teach replacement subjects for high school students in the P139 Daybreak program.

How many years have you taught at Dayspring? The 2018-2019 school year is my 13th year at Dayspring. When I was first hired, I taught Developmental Kindergarten. I developed the curriculum for that level. Then, I was an aide in First and Second grades. Later, I worked with Learning Support at various levels. Finally, I began working where I am now.

What do you appreciate the most about the Principle Approach/why do you love teaching at Dayspring? Principles of God’s Word are easily shared in every subject. In Math, I remind them that God is a God of order. When things are done in order and the rules of Math are followed, then they will have the right answer. When we follow what God wants, then we are on the right path in life. In English, we see that God has given us the ability to communicate. He has asked us to share the Gospel with others, be careful how we speak, as well as be careful what we see. Those are just a few examples that I have employed in using the Principle Approach.

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the classroom? My talents are being able to teach sewing, cooking, and a variety of materials because of my education and experience. My husband and I were missionaries in Ecuador for 26 years. I trained nationals in teaching children, gave seminars for making handcrafts related to the Bible lessons that the Ecuadorians would teach, and taught children in the church we established. I also taught various grades at the Alliance Academy in Quito which included: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First and Third grade, Middle School Bible, and Middle and High School Home Economics. Later, I taught Christian Education courses at our mission’s seminary in Spanish. When we left Ecuador, I taught Christian Education courses at Rio Grande Bible Institute.

Why do you love teaching at Dayspring? It is a joy to share Jesus with my students and see them grow in their knowledge of Him and understand what He has done and does now for them.

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