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Lindsey Stauffer is the music teacher
Lindsey Stauffer

Meet the Teacher: Lindsey Stauffer

January 23, 2016
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What is your name? Lindsey Stauffer

What do you teach? I teach elementary Joyful Noise choir, middle school choir, high school choir, performance choir, 4th grade strings, orchestra club, middle school general music, and high school music theory/history.

How many years have you taught at Dayspring? The 2019-2020 school year is my 7th year.

What do you appreciate the most about the Principle Approach? The way it teaches students to consider what the Bible actually says about each subject. The Biblical principles learned through this process are vital for shaping a Christian worldview and a God-centered life.

What do you see in your students that is most encouraging? I’m encouraged to see many students with strong Christian character and a desire to do their best for the glory of God.

Why do you love teaching at Dayspring? I love teaching in an environment where both students and faculty are consistently challenged to examine our lives and decisions through the lens of God’s Word. The growth in Christian character that this produces and the harmony it brings to the classroom makes teaching a joy.

How do you teach a biblical worldview in your classroom? We talk about the Biblical mandate to bring glory to God and how studying music helps us to praise God with excellence. In our study of music history, we learn from the lives of great composers who left legacy of musical excellence, many of whom shared a deep Christian faith. In our study of music theory, we consider the precision, creativity, and beauty of musical notation and how it reflects the character of our Creator God.

What do you think most students appreciate about your class? I think students enjoy the variety of repertoire we learn in choir (sacred, classical, foreign languages, contemporary, spirituals, etc.) and the accomplishment of mastering some really challenging music. I see student’s faces light up and when they hear themselves surrounded by the sounds of a gorgeous harmony in choir. Our music theory/history classes are organized to teach concepts in a logical, step-by-step progression, and I think students find satisfaction in the skills they develop through this process. We have an emphasis on hands-on learning through bucket drumming, singing, and piano playing which keeps students engaged.

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the classroom? I’m a strong believer in the importance of musical ear-training and kinesthetic learning, so we use solfege hand signs and physical movement to learn musical concepts. I have a background in the visual arts, so I enjoy showing students the connections between specific musical styles and corresponding artistic styles in painting.

What have you seen in your students over the years that has touched your heart the most? I’ve been touched to see students treating each other with love and kindness.

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