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Michael Myers

Meet the Teacher: Michael Myers

November 4, 2017
Posted in: Meet The Teacher
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What is your name? Dr. Michael Myers

What is your role at Dayspring? Dayspring’s Founder and Vision Ambassador

How long you have taught at Dayspring? I have been at Dayspring since Day 1. With my new focus, I hope to continue to enhance the Principle Approach mission the Lord birthed in 1987 as Dayspring Christian Academy became a reality.

What is your teaching experience, including any awards or recognition you have earned?

I earned a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in Christian Education Leadership (2011) from Regent University. I have earned the following awards:

  • Verna M. Hall Research Award, Foundation for American Christian Education, 2011
  • Who’s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities, Regent University, 2012
  • Pauline Award, Regent University, 2012

In addition to my work at Dayspring, I am:

  • Adjunct Professor, Florida Christian University, Orlando, FL, 2015
  • Adjunct Professor, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA, 2013-present
  • Program Director, Principle Approach® Certificate Program, Bryan College, 2019-present
  • Director, Leading Schools Program, Foundation for American Christian Education, 2020

I have made the following professional contributions:

  • Writer/Producer, “Remember, America”, radio program, aired on WDAC-FM (1993-2005, 2010-present); Bott Radio, Nebraska (2011)
  • Author, It’s Time to Remember, America! Horizon Books, 1999
  • Doctoral Dissertation: “Hermeneutical Validation of Biblical Principles Used in Christian Education,” 2011
  • Host, Remember America Speaker Series, 2011-present

Why did you decide to become a teacher?  I love learning and I love sharing that love with people of all ages.

What do you appreciate most about the Principle Approach?  The Principle Approach is more than a Christian curriculum, it is a Christian method of education based on a Biblical Christian philosophy of education. In other words, it is Biblical through and through. It doesn’t get any better than that! The Principle Approach actually is a way of life–learning how to live more and more like Christ in every arena by reasoning from Biblical principles and applying them to all situations. One can always go higher up and deeper in because the Principle Approach is so aligned with God’s Word. I also appreciate that great example of this kind of education, which helped launch and maintain our Christian-based republic many years ago. I believe the Biblical Christian principles upon which America was founded are still as powerful today to renovate our beleaguered nation as they were at our founding. May God bless America as Americans once again bless Him from sincere hearts.

What do you see in your students that is most encouraging? I am thrilled when I see young people begin to reason biblically, making connections from God’s Word to their world–a very dark place these days, saturated with deceit and fallacies. I see a mighty warrior remnant being raised up in these last days–as parents and church leaders recognize the emphatic need to educate our children in Biblical truth and act on that conviction.

How do you teach a biblical worldview in your classroom? When I teach, I try to shine the light on dark areas. Students need to understand what they are up against so they can apply the disinfectant of God’s Word (truth) in those areas. Often, a comprehensive examination of history from primary sources sets the stage for contemporary application.

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the classroom? I think it is my passion for God’s Word and for our nation, which was founded with a Gospel purpose.

What do you think students most appreciate about you and your class(es)? They love me to read to them.

What have you seen in your students over the years that has touched your heart the most? As they grow older, many students reach out to me and share how much they appreciate the education they received at Dayspring, even if they didn’t while they were going through it. I am blessed when I see these adults engaged in God’s calling for them, and that they are now raising their own families in a Biblically consistent way. It fills me with hope.

At Dayspring Christian Academy, we are committed to raising up the next generation of Christian leaders who acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of life, demonstrate a biblical worldview, become citizens of excellence in Christian character and scholarship, and aid in the restoration of America’s biblical foundation. If you would like to learn more about Dayspring Christian Academy, please contact Karol Hasting at 717-285-2000 or schedule a private tour using the button below.