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Fossils are amazing. From the smallest microscopic plankton to one of the mighty dinosaurs, people are fascinated with these remains of past life. Sadly, however, many people equate the idea of fossils with evolution. Fossils are also probably the most cited evidence for evolution. And most people, from childhood on up, only hear one side of this argument. Since evolution is usually the only view presented and other views are often censored, there are many things about fossils that are not widely known. These are fossil secrets!

Written by Mr. Randy Gehman, Dayspring Christian Academy’s science department chairman, this book, which is now used as a part of the 9th grade biology curriculum at DCA, is available for purchase for your own study, to help answer your children’s questions or to give as a gift. Written from a biblical perspective, this concise “easy-read” shows how fossils do not support evolution but, rather, are consistent with Scripture.

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