Discover Your Voice Summer Camp


Discover Your Voice with Julie Stone
Sunday, July 19- Saturday, July 25
Ages 7-16

Go from inexperienced and overlooked, unsure and afraid to Experienced, Confident, and Courageous and Ready to SHINE!

Discover Your Voice Camp is a singing and acting camp especially for young or inexperienced performers ages 7-16 years.

At DYV Camp, students will learn how their voices work, that each voice is better than “good”, it is unique in the spectrum of sound! They also lay a foundation for good stage presence and acting through teaching, practice, games, and more!

Our culminating program, the “Happily Ever After Concert” gives opportunity to each person to shine in their strengths while being supported in areas of weakness or fear.

Not only are students getting actual on stage experience, a growth opportunity itself, they are getting training on how to deliberately become better performers!

In addition to all of this, it’s fun! We make crafts, we dance, we play, and we make lots of friends!

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