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A Principle-Approach K-12 Christian School in Lancaster County, PA

Prospective Students

Those who have come through Dayspring Christian Academy acknowledge that it is different than other Christian schools. That is because of the Principle Approach, the method of education we use at Dayspring.

The school is now in its 30th year and was founded by Headmaster Dr. Michael Myers. Here, he describes why he founded Dayspring:

“As a former public school teacher, I was surprised—even shocked—to discover that America has a Christian history. I realized that God had entrusted America’s Founding Fathers with demonstrating to the world what it would look like if we took biblical Christian principles and applied them to the civil realm. The beauty of the Principle Approach is that it begins with hearts submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ. From there, it extends outward to affect the family, the church, and the civil government. With this perspective, students learn to think and reason from biblical principles and apply them to every area of life. The Principle Approach opens up the wonders of God in every subject. We are going directly to His word and allowing it to speak truth in each subject. Through the Principle Approach, we see our students stand up against the vain philosophies that are blowing across the land. Now, I invite you to use The Principle Approach method of education to prepare your children to learn truth, stand firm in Christian beliefs, and be able to defend them in an excellent manner.”

What exactly is the Principle Approach? View this brief video for a summary:

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