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A Principle-Approach® Pre-K–12 Christian School in Lancaster County, PA

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Using the historic, biblical method of education that helped forge our nation, Dayspring Christian Academy offers a refreshing answer to families who seriously desire to turn the tide of mediocrity and decay prevalent in the world today. This method, the Principle Approach, teaches students to think and reason from biblical principles and apply them to every area of life. The providential view of history is taught, identifying causes and effects from God’s perspective rather than man’s. The history of America and her form of government are seen as inseparable from the history of Christianity. The Christian character and scholarship necessary to support a Christian republic are produced in students, teachers, and parents alike. This moral fiber enables them to separate from progressive and secular philosophies and methods and to avoid producing a character which is ripe for governmental socialism, secularism, and post-modernism.

We are pleased to continue the centuries-old tradition of excellence in classical, Christian education through the Principle Approach is for families around the world through Dayspring Christian Online.