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The Spirit of Service – The Transforming Missionary Movement of the Pilgrims

November 11, 2020
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Did you know that you and I are the beneficiaries of the missionary movement of the Pilgrims? In this podcast, Dr. Paul Jehle discusses the history of Christian missions and how the Pilgrims modeled for us a new way of reaching others for Christ. Their method remains in use today and is a part of […]

Lessons from the Pilgrims: Pilgrim Economics

November 10, 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Dr. Paul Jehle visited with Dayspring Christian Academy’s 12th grade Economics class and our 9th grade Rudiments of America’s Christian History class. During their class time together, Dr. Jehle walked our students through a Biblical perspective of economics, beginning in the Garden of Eden. In this teaching, Dr. Jehle shows students that the Pilgrims […]

Lessons from the Pilgrims: Making Friends

November 3, 2020
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Our third and fourth grade classes enjoyed a morning session with Pilgrim reenactor and expert, Leo Martin, owner of the Jenney Museum and Jenney Interpretive Center. Leo spoke to our students on the topic of how the Pilgrims made friends. Additionally, Leo addresses the importance of the family, of living life with honesty, of […]

Dayspring's lead science teacher, Randy Gehman, gives an overview of the book of Colossians in chapel.

Deception: Do Not Be Taken Captive

February 19, 2020
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mr. Randy Gehman delivered this message to Dayspring Christian Academy’s upper school students in Chapel on February 19, 2020. An overview of the book of Colossians, Mr. Gehman encourages us to be diligent in discerning the truth in a world where a lie can easily be disguised as Truth. Randy also discusses the distinct difference […]

Waves crash on rocks

Noah’s Ark Exposition

September 25, 2019
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute   On the way to the Ark Encounter on our annual seventh grade field study to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, Dayspring’s Science Department Chair, Randy Gehman, discusses Genesis 6, beginning in verse 5, Genesis chapter 7, and Genesis chapter 8. Though it is probably a very familiar passage of Scripture, there is always […]

Dayspring 7th grade students stand with their teacher in front of the Ark Encounter.

Genesis 1:1 Exposition

May 3, 2019
Posted in: Podcasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dayspring Christian Academy’s Science Department Chair, Randy Gehman, leads the seventh grade class on a trip to the Creation Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History,  the Ark Encounter, and the Flight 93 Memorial every year. The students study what worldview is as well as the concepts behind evolutionary theory and how evolution stands in […]