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College Financial Aid


Sonya Mann-McFarlane, Higher Education Access Partner
PHEAA – PA School Services

Upcoming Financial Aid Webinars:

Financial Aid/PA 529 Plans

What can you do now to make college more affordable for your child? Join us for an introduction to financial aid and exploring the opportunity to save for college in a 529 plan.  Staff from the Pennsylvania Treasury will join us to help provide an overview of the PA 529 savings plans.  Learn how you can save for college and save on your Pennsylvania income taxes, and how you can avoid paying any federal or state income taxes on your college savings growth while also addressing some of the frequently asked questions about the PA 529.

Click Here to register for the June 18 webinar from 6-7 pm

Click Here to register for the July 16 webinar from 6-7 pm


Learn how to calculate an affordable future by using PHEAA’s Work through scenarios involving career choices, higher education options, and student loans. Key concepts include understanding higher education costs, using net-price calculators, and avoid overborrowing.

Click Here to register for the July 23 webinar from 6-7 pm

Financial Aid 101

Understand the financial decisions students need to make concerning higher education. We plan to discuss higher education costs, the types of financial aid available, and how to apply for financial aid.

Click Here to register for the July 9 webinar from 6-7 pm

Financial Aid for Non-traditional Students

Are you considering going to school or returning to school and need help with how to pay for your education?  Join us as we discuss the financial aid opportunities for adults in higher education.  We will provide an overview of how to apply for financial aid and share information about eligibility for a variety of financial aid programs.

Click Here to register for the July 30 webinar from 6-7 pm