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Bold. Distinctive. Biblical.
A Principle-Approach® Pre-K–12 Christian School in Lancaster County, PA


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Dayspring Quick Facts

  • Biblical Woldview

    Biblical Worldview is intentionally cultivated through Dayspring’s unique curriculum and Principle Approach to learning.

  • Classical Education

    Dayspring employs a classical curriculum that includes logic, rhetoric, hermeneutics, Latin and Greek, classical literature, and the providential view of history.

  • College Credits

    Through AP classes and a dual enrollment program with Cairn University, Dayspring students may earn up to 24 college credits.

  • Out-of-Classroom Experiences

    The Dayspring student is not limited to the classroom for learning. Students are taken to key sites for deeper study of science, history, and more.

Lower school students work independently at Dayspring Christian Academy.
Our Vision & History

The Principle Approach® teaches students to reason from biblical truth and principles and to make application to every area of life. Every class at Dayspring Christian Academy begins with God’s Word.

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Dayspring Christian Academy students learn and create in STEM class.

Here you’ll find answers to common questions we hear from parents who are considering Dayspring Academy.

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Dayspring Christian Academy students are excited to learn through the new STEM program offered.
Principal Approach

The goal of the Principle Approach® to education is to build a student’s Christian character and sense of self-government, Christian scholarship, and Biblical reasoning for lifelong learning and discipleship.

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Remember America

Before we restore America...we must remember.

The Remember America Speaker Series is designed to remind Americans of their unique heritage of liberty that was founded upon biblical principles. The Series is intended to bring high-caliber speakers to our community who can cogently articulate their message, which is based on their own research of original sources.

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Dayspring Christian Academy students are eager to learn with helpful teachers and interactiveness of the Priniciple Approach method.

Invest in America's Future

Through the Principle Approach, Dayspring Christian Academy provides a bold, distinctive, biblical education that is unique in Lancaster. Your generous gifts will help us fulfill that mission.