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Boy in cape and mask pretends to be a hero.

The American Hero

March 7, 2019
Posted in: Remember America

If you’ve been online lately, you’ve seen the conversations, advertisements, and excitement over the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With domestic box office totals at $6,869,613,146 and an average of $343,480,657 per movie at the time of this post, it certainly seems like America loves her heroes. But that love is for the heroes […]

Truth and Love: The Dynamic Duo

November 27, 2018
Posted in: Remember America

We live in a time when, once again, truth has come under heavy assault. Some may even say it is already a casualty in the cosmic battle for human souls. Whether we are talking about distortion and manipulation of the truth or the outright questioning of its very existence, we can with confidence commiserate with […]


The True Pilgrim Story Shared In Russia

November 14, 2018

Dayspring parents and now Dayspring grandparents, Bruce and Nancy Prestidge, share the story of how they took the true Pilgrim story, learned at Dayspring Christian Academy, across the sea to Russia. In 1989, God began to impress on my husband Bruce’s heart, and mine, to pray for Russia. We never expected to go to Russia. […]

Unity Comes As One Nation Under God

October 4, 2018
Posted in: Remember America

The history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies. These words are not our words. These words are written in the annals of history by a united Senate and House of Representatives. These words were presented in 1982 to […]

Remember America Lecture Series 2017 – Pilgrim Principles of Self-Government

January 10, 2018

Download this Podcast Dayspring Christian Academy teacher, Mary Stauffer, continues our first Remember America Lecture Series with a lesson on the Pilgrims and the Principle of Self-Government.

Randy Gehman speaks on the validity of Creation.

Remember America Lecture Series 2017 – Creation

January 10, 2018

Download This Podcast Dayspring Christian Academy’s Lead Science teacher, Randy Gehman, continues our first Remember America Lecture Series with a teaching on Creation.