27th Annual Patriots Celebration Dinner2 min read

by Jillian Diffenderfer
27th Annual Patriots Celebration Dinner<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
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“Let us take a cue from our forefathers who faced a daunting adversary against which they faced a certain defeat. In those darkest days, rather than giving up in despair, they made a strategic decision that would not only alter their lives, but would reshape the world and advance the Gospel in ways that had never been dreamed of before.”

pcd1These words from Dr. Michael Myers, headmaster of Dayspring Christian Academy, echoed throughout the room, imploring those in attendance to remember that, in dire straights, George Washington appealed to heaven for help and commissioned a flag to be flown to serve as a rallying cry. A simple white flag, bearing a pine tree and emblazoned with the phrase “An Appeal To Heaven” was flown from our naval vessels during the early days of the War for Independence.

Dr. Myers went on to state that, “the phrase, originating with the philosopher John Locke, exhorted people that after all alternatives for seeking justice have been exhausted, only an appeal to heaven is left. This flag reminded the Colonists to be wholly reliant upon Heaven, trusting God who reigns supreme over the universe, that He alone was capable of breaking the back of tyranny.”

This powerful example of our forefathers was shown to a group of 500 individuals who gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of our students at Dayspring Christian Academy and to learn more about the mission of our school. Now in its 27th year, the annual Patriots Celebration Dinner is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of Dayspring Christian Academy and our method of education, the Principle Approach.

This year, our guests were treated not just to powerful orations written by our students, but to the testimony of two Dayspring Christian Academy alumni, Matthew Valverde and Joshua Henry. Both alumni are powerful examples of a Principle Approach education, living out the calling of the Lord on their lives.

pcd2Aside from moving choir performances and challenging orations, guests also took part of the most powerful portion of the evening: a call to prayer for our nation, led by our students and alumnus, Matthew Valverde. Students prayed for the American family, America’s leaders, the election, and America’s future. The entire room united in prayer as we appealed to heaven, to God for mercy and grace in this election.

Dr. Myers’s implored guests to intentionally keep their eyes on the Lord in the days to come, reminding them that if they did, they would gain a sense of trust and hope in the Lord. In his words, “God is on the move! He is quickening the hearts of Christians all across the land and they are rallying around this flag and this phrase (appeal to heaven) once again ‘for such a time as this!'”