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Dayspring 7th grade students stand with their teacher in front of the Ark Encounter.
Randy Gehman

Genesis 1:1 Exposition

May 3, 2019
Posted in: Podcasts
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Dayspring Christian Academy’s Science Department Chair, Randy Gehman, leads the seventh grade class on a trip to the Creation Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Natural Historythe Ark Encounter, and the Flight 93 Memorial every year. The students study what worldview is as well as the concepts behind evolutionary theory and how evolution stands in direct contrast to the Word of God. They study the evidence for a literal 6-day Creation and the evidence of a worldwide Flood. In this podcast, Mr. Gehman breaks down the very first verse of the Bible,Genesis 1:1, bringing clarity to the verse and to help us increase our understanding of the great God we serve.

This podcast was recorded on May 2, 2019, while aboard the bus transporting our 7th grade students and their parents on the last day of this annual 4-day field study. If you would like to experience the trip for yourself, you can register for our annual Summer Family Trip to the Creation Museum! This trip is offered to the public every year in August. Call 717-285-2000 for more information or to register. Alternatively, you can register online at