Prayer for the Class of 20193 min read

by Pastor Matt and Joanne Kroll
Prayer for the Class of 2019<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>
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Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day! This is not any day, but a day that commemorates over 4,500 days of your faithfulness. From day 1, as we sent our children off to Developmental Kindergarten or Kindergarten and watched them leave us for the first time, we trusted You with our children, our treasure.

Father, we thank you for the time, money, and effort you gave us as parents to invest into our children, our treasure.

Father, we thank You for the teachers, the faculty of Dayspring Christian Academy, that invested their lives, their time, and effort into our children, our treasure.

Father, we thank you for all who invested into their lives to grow and excel in wisdom, understanding, and skill.

Father, not everyday has been sunny, and we have not always been faithful. Thank You for remaining faithful always! Great is your faithfulness!

So we stand here today over 4,500 days from the first day. We let them go before and now we are about to do it again. Father, you said that if we can be entrusted with a little, much more will be added. Father we thank you for the MUCH MORE YOU have promised for each of these graduates, our sons our daughters, our treasure.

Now, as we look ahead to the thousands of days that lay of ahead of each student, we ask that you would bless each one with the next step they are all about to take. !We thank you for grace to take the step with faith, not doubt nor looking back.

We ask that, by the power of Your Holy Spirit in each of these graduates, that you would direct their steps forward, that you would lead and guide them into the plans YOU have for them.

We ask that by the power of Your Holy Spirit in each of these graduates, you would point them in the way they should go even if they get off track.

We bless the seeds of faith and life in each of these graduates, our treasure, that they would not get buried, or dried up, but shoot forth and grow abundant fruit that will transform their spheres of influence wherever they may be.

We bless each step of faithfulness that these graduates take, that each step of faith would be their territory to take, a place of Kingdom transformation. That through them, You would flood their world with Truth and light. And that whatever they touch or do would prosper. We ask that they would recognize all the more their God-given potential and put a demand on it.

Father, we ask for grace and mercy over each graduate that they would guard their heart, their treasure. That they would not allow the world to overtake or become more important than YOU. We ask that their walk with you will not only remain, but grow deeper, more intimate with every step.

Father, thank you for these graduates, our children, our treasure, but thank you so much more for they really belong to You and always will. They are your treasure. So, guard and keep them, as we release them into their God-given destinies this day. Father, you are the God of the impossible, the God who always makes a way. Father, do the impossible in and through each of these graduates, and make a way for each where there seems to be no way, and may your children, your treasure, seek, see and follow Your ways with every step. In Your holy and powerful name, Jesus, the name above every other name, we ask and believe,  AMEN.

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