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by Jenna Sliwinski
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“The Women’s Giving Circle has directly impacted the classrooms and students.  From STEM now being taught in the Lower School and Upper School to bucket drumming now being taught in music class, the Women’s Giving Circle has allowed for teachers to be creative and provide “extras” that aren’t provided by the general budget. With the generosity of the members, we have received so many blessings that help students excel. The Women’s Giving Circle makes a direct impact on all 290 students at Dayspring Christian Academy.” (Joanne Martin, Development Director)

Do you want to give to Dayspring Christian Academy (DCA) but feel like you cannot make a big impact? This is just not true! DCA has developed a special program called the Women’s Giving Circle (WGC). This program funds specific projects within DCA. Members of the Women’s Giving Circle pool their gifts to have a greater impact in the funding of specific projects.

DCA Development Director Joanne Martin answered some questions to help gain a better understanding of WGC.

What types of projects does Dayspring’s WGC support?

Joanne: WGC supports unbudgeted items/projects but ones that fall within the plan of the school. Each faculty application is reviewed by admin council to make sure it fits with our strategic plan and our financial plan. All items requested fall outside the budget.

How many other women are currently in WGC?

Joanne: 15 women currently serve in the Circle.

When will the funds be collected?

Joanne: Here is the timeline:

May – introduction of program

July – payment of membership due this month.

Last week in August – faculty project applications due

Last week in October – WGC members meet and hear faculty presentations. Decisions are made at that meeting by WGC members only. Notifications are made to faculty that day.

How much time am I committing to this program?

Joanne: You are committing not only time but funding. Each WGC member invests $175 in the program. We have a one hour meeting in May, two hour meeting in October, and a one-and-a-half hour Lunch and Learn in February. My hope is to grow that but baby steps.

Will I be updated on the projects the Circle has funded?

Joanne: I update regularly. How? I send notes, pictures of items funded. The Lunch and Learn showcases one or two of the programs funded so there is hands-on understanding of projects funded.

Last year’s Women’s Giving Circle was able to fully fund five projects and partially fund one project with a total donation of $2,900.22. Anne Marie Teply, the mother of two Dayspring alumnae shared this about her experiences in WGC:

“I appreciate the work of the Women’s Giving Circle because it is a more intimate and ‘hands-on’ way to help a ministry, if you will, that we think is very worthy.  It enables us to do it in a way that feels personal, and gives us the ability to see the results immediately, as well as the joy and gratitude firsthand.  Finally, it feels like we are giving the dear teachers and students a special treat — above and beyond what they
expect, — and unexpected treats are always the most fun! Oh, and it is so nice to meet and get to know some of the Dayspring moms.”

WGC is a benefit to DCA because our donors help to fund specific projects and programs that while extremely important, cannot be funded from within the DCA budget. If you are interested in being a part of the Women’s Giving Circle, please contact Joanne Martin at (717)285-2000 or jmartin@dayspringchristian.com. To join our Women’s Giving Circle and register for our Annual Meeting on October 24, 2017, at 8 a.m., click the button below.