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COVID Protocol

Dayspring Christian Academy is open for in-person learning.

The basic premises of our Covid protocols are as follows:

We need to take Covid-19 seriously but not overreact.  We do not know everything about this virus, but we now know enough so that we can proceed with both caution and boldness; in other words, with wisdom and faith, not with unfounded fear.

It has been Dayspring’s long-standing belief (and practice) to recognize the God-given authority and responsibility that parents have over their children. 

We believe that civil government has been instituted by God to operate within its own sphere of authority, aimed at promoting good and punishing evil in society (II Peter 3:14). As Christians and good citizens, we are respectful of the God-ordained authority of those who operate within the constraints of our duly established constitutional federal republican form of government.  While we value and appreciate the civil government’s role in creating laws that protect us from evildoers, we do not believe it is the biblical (or constitutional) right for the civil government to intrude into the other sanctioned spheres of authority, namely the family and the church.

In the event that positive Covid-19 cases appear at the school, affected students/staff will be required to follow best practice guidelines for return to school.  The school headmaster, in conjunction with the school level principals, will determine if and when additional procedures will be required depending on the best available information at the time.

We are asking all Dayspring staff and families to check for general illness symptoms prior to coming to school each day.

Human Interactions for Health and Safety

  • Golden Rule

    Demonstration of respect and regard for each individual’s perspective and needs is expected at all times, in keeping with the biblical standard of loving others (Matt. 7:12; 22:39; John 13:34).

  • Screening

    Parents required to check for general illness in their child(ren):

    If there are any symptoms of general illness, parents should keep the child(ren) home.

    If any Covid symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea) are present, the child may not attend school.

  • Staff Members

    Required to check for general illness symptoms daily before school:

    If covid symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, headache, body aches, vomiting and diarrhea) are present, the staff member may not attend school.

  • Testing

    Parents of symptomatic children should consult with their healthcare provider.

  • Quarantine

    Decisions to quarantine will be made by school administration in consultation with school nurse on a case-by-case basis.

  • Notification

    If a confirmed Covid-19 case occurs, parents should notify school.

    Parents of students in class of a positive case will be notified.

    Close contacts of positive case will be notified of close contact.

  • Returning to School

    Based on current medical protocols at the time.

  • Vaccination

    Optional for staff, students, and visitors.

  • Masks or Face Shields

    Optional for staff, students, and visitors.

  • Illness at School

    Students who become sick will be held in the health rooms until parents arrive to take home (within 1 hour).

  • Transportation

    Mask-wearing not required for DCA buses and vans. Dayspring students riding school district buses must adhere to the district’s requirements.

Facility Readiness for Health and Safety

  • Cleaning Tools and Supplies

    Verified safe and effective cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting solutions and devices; use of an electrostatic sanitizing device.

  • Daily Classroom Cleaning

    Daily cleaning, disinfecting of desks, chairs, tables, counters, and high touch areas.

  • Daily Restroom Cleaning

    Daily cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting toilets, sinks, and adjacent areas in addition to regular cleaning schedule; hands-free doors into restrooms.

  • Personal Hygiene

    Additional hand sanitizing stations at key locations will remain

  • Air Quality

    Outside air exchange increased; higher grade of air handler filters.

Academics and Activities

  • Academics and Programs

    Normal, pre-covid protocols for students who are home for other, non-covid illness.

  • Field Studies

    Field study and student retreat schedule will remain intact as much as possible for sites that are available to the public, where transportation is also available.

  • Online Classrooms

    Google Classroom as Learning Management System (LMS) for PreK-12.

  • Personal Hygiene

    Best practices in personal hygiene to decrease spread of viruses and bacteria.

In the event that positive Covid-19 cases appear at the school, affected students/staff will be required to follow best practice guidelines for return to school. The school headmaster and principals will determine if and when additional mitigation procedures will be required depending on the best available information at the time.

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